Cross-border EC renewal

We will renew the website of the textbook of cross-border EC (opening an online store for overseas customers for beginners).

Please wait a little longer.


  1. Survey of 3,000 Thais: 76% interested in cross-border EC from Japan

  2. BeautyPark玩美花园 expands its China cross-border e-commerce platform by opening a flagship store on TianNeko International, which has the largest share of sales in the China cross-border e-commerce market.

  3. Koyuki Ito, a Japanese KOL with over 550,000 followers on Chinese SNS, becomes an advisor to NEW ORDER Co.

  4. Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) to promote tourism and local products to China

  5. Hair care brand miiulu to launch EC in Southeast Asia (ASEAN) in mid-May.

  6. Kamon Inn” in Kyoto, Tokyo, and Kagoshima implements SNS marketing measures using “Sponsor NFT” (Web 3.0 x Lodging Facilities)