Course】December 22, 2022 (Kagawa Prefecture) Overseas Business Human Resource Development Course “Basic Trading Practices

Overseas Business Human Resource Development Course “Basic Trading Practices

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Overseas Business Human Resource Development Course “Fundamentals of Trade Practice


Method and Location

Sakaide City Hall, Main Building 3F, Medium Conference Room 2 (2-3-5 Muro-machi, Sakaide City, Kagawa Prefecture)

Seminar Contents
  1. Introductory understanding of overall trade practices
    1. Examining trade flows through history
    2. The World and Japan
    3. Three factors are key to international trade
    4. Trade practice is about goods, money, and products.
    5. Trade Terms and Incoterms [Incoterms 2020 Overview].
    6. Trade and insurance are inseparable.
    7. Understanding Foreign Exchange and Payment Terms
  2. Export Cost Calculation (Basic)
    1. breakdown system
    2. cost-plus method
    3. Examination of specific examples
    4. Prepare offer document
  3. shipping papers
    1. shipping papers
    2. invoice
    3. Packing List (P/L) and Shipping Request (S/I)
    4. Produce a certificate of origin
    5. Obtain a cargo marine insurance policy
    6. Obtain a Bill of Lading
    7. Development] Acceptance of Imported Goods by a Method Other Than Presentation of the Original Bill of Lading (B/L) in its Entirety
    8. Air Waybill and Air Transport
  4. export duties
    1. Major Flow of Export
    2. Exports and Regulations
  5. Introductory Exercise 1 Drafting a Sales Contract
  6. Introductory Exercise 2 Shipping Documents for Export
    1. invoice
    2. packing-list
  7. Export Customs Clearance
  8. import duties
    1. Major Flow of Imports
    2. Imports and Regulations
  9. Introductory Exercise 3: Preparation of Purchase Contracts and Import Practices
    1. Preparation of purchase agreement
    2. Administrative processing before and after arrival of imported cargo
  10. import customs clearance
  11. Appendix: Understanding Trade Practices (Introductory and Basic)


JETRO was established by succeeding its predecessor, the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), with the aim of contributing to the further development of the Japanese economy and society through trade and investment promotion and research on developing countries.

The following seminars and events are held at our domestic and overseas network of more than 70 overseas offices, our headquarters (Tokyo), our Osaka headquarters, the Institute of Developing Economies, and our domestic offices, totaling about 50 domestic offices.

  • Support for overseas expansion of startups
  • Support for Export of Japanese Agricultural, Forestry, Fishery and Food Products
  • Support for the development of overseas sales channels for small and medium-sized enterprises, etc.
  • Local Development in the Global Era

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Overseas Business Human Resource Development Course “Fundamentals of Trade Practice

(Organized by Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO))


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