Lecture] 09/12/2022 [Webinar] Japanese Food Market in Australia

The Japanese Food Market in Australia

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The Japanese Food Market in Australia


Method and Location

Held online (from Nagano)


JETRO was established by succeeding its predecessor, the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), with the aim of contributing to the further development of the Japanese economy and society through trade and investment promotion and research on developing countries.

The following seminars and events are held at our domestic and overseas network of more than 70 overseas offices, our headquarters (Tokyo), our Osaka headquarters, the Institute of Developing Economies, and our domestic offices, totaling about 50 domestic offices.

  • Support for overseas expansion of startups
  • Support for Export of Japanese Agricultural, Forestry, Fishery and Food Products
  • Support for the development of overseas sales channels for small and medium-sized enterprises, etc.
  • Local Development in the Global Era

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The Japanese Food Market in Australia

(Organized by Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO))


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