Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) to promote tourism and local products to China

Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) to Promote Tourism and Local Products to China Offering Travel Experiences Combining Virtual Tours and Live Commerce through Alibaba’s Platform

Cross-border EC News

Cross-border EC News

With international travel restricted due to the new coronavirus outbreak situation, it has become difficult to promote travel to Japan for overseas destinations. On the other hand, in anticipation of the resumption of international traffic, it is important to continue to promote Japan’s attractions and maintain contact with Chinese tourists, who account for the largest percentage of inbound visitors to Japan, so that Japan remains at the top of their list of destinations they wish to visit.

Against this backdrop, from September 2021 to March of this year, the Japan National Tourism Organization (“JNTO”) launched a new PR project for Chinese tourists to provide an online travel experience that combines promotion of tourism resources in all 47 prefectures through virtual tours and demonstration sales of specialty products through live commerce to The program offered an online travel experience to Chinese consumers.
*Live commerce: A promotional method that combines live video streaming and online shopping.

Company Information: Alibaba K.K.

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(Source: PR Times)


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