Ranking of popular e-commerce sites for cross-border e-commerce in China! (TianNeBao, JingDong Shopping Mall, PingTaDa, Suning Ecommerce, Procurement)

There are several hurdles that must be cleared before cross-border EC can begin. One of them is “choosing an EC site. Different e-commerce sites attract different customers, and sales will naturally vary depending on which e-commerce site you choose. In other words, the fate of your cross-border EC depends on which EC site you choose to open a store.

However, those who are ‘about to start cross-border EC’ or ‘opening a store in China for the first time’ are not sure about which EC site to open a store.Therefore, for those who are planning to start cross-border EC in China, we will introduce popular EC sites in China in a ranking format all at once.

Ranking of popular EC sites in China

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We will introduce popular EC sites in China in a ranking format as soon as possible. If you are thinking of starting cross-border EC in China, please check them out.

No. 1 Tenneko

In the ranking of popular e-commerce sites in China, the No. 1 ranking was “Tian Cat.If you have done any research at all on cross-border e-commerce, you have heard of this famous e-commerce mall.

China is the leader in the global cross-border EC market, and with a domestic market share of over 60% in China, it is truly the “world’s No. 1” EC site.

Opened in 2013 by the Alibaba Group, Tianxico displays a wide variety of products across all genres, and has become a popular destination for Japanese retailers as well, with stores selling everything from apparel and daily necessities such as UNIQLO, Shiseido, and Kao, to home appliances such as Panasonic and Sony.

There are several reasons why Tianyao has grown to be the number one e-commerce mall in China, but the most notable is that there are no fake products in circulation. In China, there are many unauthorized products on the market, and customers are concerned, especially in online shopping where they cannot directly see and purchase products. In the case of Tianyao, only corporate companies that have passed a rigorous screening process are allowed to open a store, and fake products are thoroughly eliminated, so there is a sense of security that “if you buy from Tianyao, you are safe.

This is an advantage that other e-commerce malls do not offer, and is the number one reason why Tianyao is so trusted.

Although there is the problem of having to pass a rigorous screening process, if you can pass the screening process, you can expect to attract a high number of customers.

No. 2 Kyungdong Business City

In the ranking of popular e-commerce sites in China, “Jingdong Shopping” ranked second.After TianNex, introduced in the first place, JingDong Shopping Mall, with a domestic market share of over 30%, has secured its position in China as an e-commerce mall with a strong presence in consumer electronics products.

The company’s predecessor used to be a home electronics retailer, and its sales of home electronics have been strong, so much so that some shoppers who normally shop at Tianhe only buy their home electronics from KTC.While Kyungdong Shopping Mall is known for its strength in consumer electronics, in 2015 it opened an e-commerce site called “Japan Pavilion” that specializes in products made in Japan, and is also focusing on attracting Japanese companies other than those in the consumer electronics industry.

In addition, we have partnered with the Yamato Group, a Japanese company. The Yamato Group delivers products purchased on Jingdong Shopping, and the service, which takes as little as four days from order to arrival, has become very popular among local Chinese. Because of the higher screening rate compared to Tenco, many people who want to start cross-border e-commerce in China are thinking, “Let’s start with Jingdong Shopping! This is the reason why more and more people who want to start cross-border e-commerce in China are using Jingdong Shopping Mall.

No.3 Pinyin

In the ranking of popular e-commerce sites in China, the third-ranked site is “Pinata” (拼多多).After Tianyao and Jingdong, China’s second most popular retailer, Pinata has only a 5% share of the domestic market, which is a little less than that of Tianyao and Jingdong.

However, with more than 700 million users, PinyinTaDa’s user base exceeds that of second-ranked Beijing Dongshang in terms of number of users.

The company’s “joint purchase function,” which is familiar in Japan, targets customers who are looking for low-priced shopping.The joint purchase feature means that discounts are applied when multiple items are purchased at once, which is great for those who buy in bulk.

The market is steadily expanding due to the fact that it targets low-income consumers, who are different from those who use Tenco and Jingdong Shopping Mall.

The market is expanding at a very fast pace, and if you are planning to start cross-border e-commerce in China, you should definitely keep this in mind.

No. 4 Suning Easy Purchase

The fourth most popular e-commerce site in China is “Suning E-commerce”.

Suning Easybuy is an e-commerce site operated by Suning Appliance, an electronics retailer, and like Jingdong Shopping, which we introduced in second place, it has earned the trust of Chinese customers as an e-commerce site that is strong in consumer electronics.

Suning Appliance has 1,600 stores in China, similar to Yamada Denki or Big Camera in Japan. This means that the risk of buying a fake product is extremely low on the customer’s side, which is another reason why Suning Easy Purchase is so popular.

By having physical stores, inventory is well balanced in all areas of China, so no matter where you use the e-commerce site, you can be sure to receive your products relatively quickly.There are many advantages for those wishing to sell home appliances, and an increasing number of foreign companies are already opening new stores.

If you are interested in selling Japanese-made home appliances in China, please check out Suning Easy Purchase.

5th Place: Jihin-kai

In the ranking of the most popular e-commerce sites in China, the fifth-ranked site is “Yubinhai.Founded in 2008, Yushinkai has become an e-commerce site that mainly sells fashion-related products such as apparel goods and accessories.

Because of the large number of fashion-related products on display, there are more female users than male, and the number of members exceeds 300 million.The first reason for the popularity of Yubin-kai is that “flash sales” are held.

The ability to purchase brand-name goods at discounted prices for a limited time is one of the reasons why Chinese people prefer to shop at Yuhinkai. Another reason for its popularity is its guarantee that if a purchase is found to be a fake, it will be refunded or returned to the original retailer.

Procurement Association is becoming popular in China, especially among women, and in 2016 it opened an office in Tokyo, Japan, and has begun to focus on selling Japanese products as well.

If you are thinking of selling apparel products or fashion goods in China, please check out the Procurement Association.


We hope you found our introduction of five popular e-commerce sites in China in a ranking format helpful.

The companies introduced here, from No. 1 to No. 5, are all highly recommended companies that you should definitely look into if you want to start cross-border EC in China.

If you are thinking of starting cross-border EC in China, especially if you are planning to do so for the first time, please refer to this article.


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